Posted by: bertalou | December 2, 2008

Creativity boost

Subtitle: Sweater planning from scratch.

I’ve been feeling somewhat blah and uninspired in the creative department as of late.  Too much progressive talk radio, NPR, angsting over the election and the state of the economy and my own tippy canoe.  And then I put on some music…. and wow. The brain waves started to wander around the possibility table.

I’ve been spinning a Wensleydale x Romney fleece aka the never ending fleece.  It’s long-6inches average and spins up into a creamy mottled oatmeal color.  Or variegated. I’m spinning lock by lock from the fold so every lock is slightly different in color. Spinning it fairly thin and then two ply. When washed it develops a nice fuzzy halo.  I’ve been trying to envision this wool becoming an Aran type of sweater in a cardigan style.

Been borrowing books from the library but hadn’t found the inspiration until last week I put Patty Larkin, Van Morrison and others on ye olde CD player.  And finally I found the place in my being where I could sit down with graph paper, pencil and books to put together something even if just to swatch a couple of possible patterns.


Well I must say it looks sharper and the color looks warmer in real life as opposed to the quicky scan.

What have the swatches told me? Needle size 5. Gauge 5st/in, 8 rows/in. Fuzziness unsuitable for moss stitch patterns.  So with this info I shall get back to planning stitches and start a sampler ala Elizabeth Zimmermann. One half of proposed sweater stitches equals a hat. Or perhaps for me a hot water bottle cozy.

Stay tuned, maybe I’ll tell about how my house beat me up yesterday.


  1. looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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