Posted by: bertalou | September 9, 2008

Would you buy a catnip mouse from me?

What is the universe trying to tell me?  I feel that I  am constantly being thrown curve balls that are unsettling yet really I’m not threatened with losing my home; my worst fear is being put out onto the street.  I currently work 2/3 the hours I used to, and yet the sky has not fallen.  The monk helps a bit, and last week, the day I got the call that I did not get the job I had interviewed for the day previous, I got the call to install my new windows.  It all balances out; the scales may even be tilting in my favor as far as total gain.

So this leads me to thinkin’ — should I be pedalin’ my own creations to fill in the cash gaps?  What with the holidaze approaching, now is the time to get moving. In the past I have been a jeweler, a shop owner of handcrafted goods, member of a craft cooperative, so it’s not like I’ve never done this before. What would be new is trying to sell my wares on the interwebz. The intimidating internet. yeah. that.  I see others do it and me thinks, yeah I could too.  Should I start some place like etsy? The monk has been researching open source shopping carts so we shall see. We shall. Stay tuned and all that.


  1. Leaving a comment because all new blogs deserve at least one!!

    I hope you enjoy your blog as much as I have enjoyed mine!

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